Highlights of the week

The Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama) has published a normative instruction to regulate the procedures necessary for converting fines into services of preservation, improvement, and recovery of the quality of the environment.
The Court of Appeals of the State of São Paulo (TJ-SP) is due to decide in August whether it will accept the an Ancillary Proceeding to Resolve Repeat Lawsuits (IRDR) to standardize case law with respect to the remediation of contaminated areas in São Paulo.
On May 30, the Department of Water and Electric Energy of the State of São Paulo (DAEE) published Administrative Rule No. 1630 in order to update and simplify the procedures for obtaining authorization to use water resources. The publication revokes Ordinance No. 717/1996, which has been in force for 21 years.
In a new chapter of the regulatory modernization of the mining sector in Brazil, the government published yesterday (June 14), Decree No. 9,406/2018 and Decree No. 9,407/2018, through which, respectively, (i) new regulation for the Mining Code, repealing Decree No. 62,934/1968, have been created, and (ii) the transfer of the CFEM (Financial Compensation for the Exploration of Mineral Resources) to municipalities affected by the mining activity has been approved.