Machado Meyer's channel TEMM VOZ (Machado Meyer Transparency and Ethics) – is the firm's official means of communication. This is a confidential and secure channel for our people, clients, and business partners to report suspected or actual violations of our values, Code of Conduct, internal rules, and/or applicable legislation.


  • Situations of moral and sexual harassment
  • Physical and/or verbal aggression
  • Violation of ethical principles
  • Conduct that is not or does not appear to be in compliance with applicable laws, our Code of Conduct, Policies, Rules, Regulations, and/or Internal Firm Procedures
  • Cases of fraud, corruption, and bribery

It is not necessary to know whether a specific situation is a violation in order to raise concerns and report any circumstance that might represent a violation.

To learn more about how TEMM VOZ works, service {response} deadlines, and governance procedures, just click here - direct to the TEMM VOZ GUIDE.