Mr. Barbosa Gomes’s appointment reflects President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva´s determination to accelerate racial integration in a deeply divided country. Senators have celebrated Mr Barbosa Gomes´ appointment as a long overdue act of justice. "This is something we should have done long ago. This is the most important act of the Lula government and will secure its place in history," says Pedro Simon, a senator of the centrist PMDB party.

The 49-year-old public prosecutor is moulded as much by Brazil´s stark social realities as he is by the libraries and cafes of Paris and Vienna, where he wrote his dissertation, and the law schools of Los Angeles and New York, where he wrote on the growing role of supreme courts in deciding political issues from abortion to electoral processes.

"With his background, he will breathe fresh air into the court. It was a wise appointment by Lula," said Paulo Rogerio Brandao Couto, partner in a local law firm. [Note: the Rio de Janeiro office of Machado, Meyer, Sendacz e Opice].

Sources:   Financial Times 30.05.2003
Date of insertion:   17/06/2003 - 17:20:50