The creation of sectorial regulations for the mining industry in the second semester of 2012 will define rules for the exploration of rare-earth metals and is likely to restrict the operations of even local firms. Thus, companies have been in a hurry to buy up land featuring minerals ahead of the new law. This year alone, Machado Meyer Sendacz Opice has advised two firms with patrimony abroad as well as being Brazilian-owned on land-buying in rare-earth areas. The firms bought land in Goias and (Araxa,) Minas Gerais on Machado Meyer′s advice, notes Liliam Yoshikawa, a lawyer there.Another 17 companies have asked the Departamento Nacional de Producao Mineral (DNPM) for the authorisation to carry out research and exploration already this year when in the whole of 2009 the DNPM only received five such requests. The 17 rare-earth minerals are used to make magnets, computer- and mobile-phone screens as well as in solar panels and the production of gasoline. China boasts 90% of global reserves, Inda, 8%, and Brazil, the other 2%.

(SABI - Business News 11.06.2012)

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