Machado Meyer Advogados has helped Brazilian agriculture equipment business Rech Agrícola buy counterpart Verde Agrícola Comércio.

Demarest Advogados helped Verde Agrícola Comércio. The deal closed on 30 November for a confidential value.

The transaction was split in two portions. Rech Agrícola first acquired a 66% stake in Verde Agrícola. For the second part Verde Agrícola's founders, Jones Fernandes and Tiago Lorenzet, swapped the remaining 34% interest in the company for a 9.5% stake in Rech Agrícola.

The transaction aims to strengthen Rech Agrícola's share of the Brazilian equipment distribution sector.

Verde Agrícola, which is based in Rio Grande do Sul, sells spare engine parts for heavy agricultural machinery, as well as other equipment.. Rech Agrícola sells spare parts for heavy agricultural machinery, such as tractors, harvesters, planters and sprayers, in the northeastern states of Maranhão, Tocantins, Piauí and Bahia.

Counsel to Rech Agrícola

Counsel to Verde Agrícola Comércio

  • Demarest Advogados: Partners Joyl Gondim and Tatiana Campello, and associates Camila Garrote, José Roberto Rodrigues da Silva Jr. and Marcela Pinedo
Jornalista: HARDY, Eloise

(Latin Lawyer - 11.12.2020)