In order to celebrate its 40 years, Machado, Meyer, Sendacz e Opice Advogados will gift interns of Santa Marcelina Cultura, a social organization in charge for the management of EMESP Tom Jobim - Music School of the State of São Paulo, by means of a sponsorship which will benefit the best musicians of Young Orchestra of the State, for a five-year period. With the investment, it will be set forth an annual award to interns, by means of public notice and evaluation board. The main prize, called Ernani de Almeida Machado award, is of R$ 60 thousand, the highest granted award to this date to a young orchestra and must be used for the improvement of the awarded intern in a school institution abroad.

"We want to praise the student and the results that this incentive will bring to the Orchestra. This contribution to society is a celebration of the 40 year anniversary of Machado Meyer in 2012, which will focus even more on new investments in social projects, thus reflecting the office′s work philosophy", explains Raquel Novais, managing partner of Machado, Meyer, Sendacz e Opice.

In addition to Ernani Machado Award, another four awards are included in the package, worth R$ 15 thousand each, which may be used in a scholarship or in the purchase of instruments. Two of them are intended for strings interns, and the other two, may be intended for the interns of blowing, metal and percussion instruments interns, in addition to piano and harp interns.

The start date for enrollment was in September 17 and the result of the award will be announced in December 20, after the closing concert of the season of the Young Orchestra of the State, in Room São Paulo, with the solo of pianist Arnaldo Cohen.

According to the artistic-pedagogic director of Santa Marcelina Cultura, Paulo Zuben, the awards will be another important tool for the improvement of the teaching quality of our musicians. "After the success of the shows in Germany, this awarding initiative sets the stage for the young people, who will certainly try harder in order to win this opportunity to study in one of the world′s best conservatories".

In addition to the amount allocated to the awards, Machado Meyer also contributed with the purchase of