Anniversary consolidates the trajectory of the law firm that has signed its name among the greatest  in Brazil, highlights a  period of renewal and strengthens institutional commitment to keeping growing in the Brazilian legal market

Sao Paulo, 11 June 2012 - The moratorium and the renegotiation of foreign debt, economic packages, the promulgation of a new constitution in March 1988, the privatizations and the start up of regulated economic activities for private investment, as well as the national capital markets consolidation have in common not only  its importance to the Brazilian economic history, but also the fact that in each of these episodes there was significant participation of Machado, Meyer, Sendacz e Opice Advogados. On  its 40th anniversary, celebrated on June 10th, the law office is now one of the most traditional and respected in Brazil, working in key areas of the law and advising national and international clients in many different practice areas.

Unquestionable reference in the Brazilian law landscape, Machado Meyer has prepared another jump, this time in order to consolidate its governance structure. The platform that allows the path of success had a decisive step when, over the past few years, a new generation of members rise to the company′s command, this time represented by the election of a new managing partner. Raquel Novais occupied the position  this year,  when the firm celebrates its 40th anniversary. The arrival of the first woman manager and the renewal of the administrative structure, with the establishment of a Steering Committee, among other initiatives, are the results of the transition plan, which is being implemented over five years. A new program for preparing trainees and the first anniversary of Women at Machado Meyer Program are still highlights in 2012.

Celebration - To celebrate its 40 years, Machado Meyer decided to organize a different party. On the occasion, there will not be banquets, concerts, bands or gala dresses. There will be, of course, happiness and hearts will be filled with culture and art. But the great festival of Machado Meyer, this year, will be its social investment.

Machado Meyer works in a number of incentives to promote social engagement in health, education and culture, in partnership with the State of São Paulo and the city of São Paulo′s governments. The program, under development, starts as early as June, extending throughout the year, with the actions planned to become continuous and renewable. Further information will be disclosed at the announcement of each of the initiatives.

History - When the country was living its military regime and the 70s′ economic miracle, some young lawyers began what would become one of the most important projects of the national law scene by establishing the firm that  years later would be named Machado, Meyer, Sendacz e Opice Advogados. In a building by São Luiz Avenue, downtown Sao Paulo, using a  borrowed telephone  from a neighbor, the firm  started its activities. "In the beginning, with few clients, we devoted a lot of our time to  chess and  study of legal matters," says the nostalgic founding partner Antonio Meyer.

From the ′70 to the ′80, the lawyers took advantage of their differential: solid training and international experience, so rapidly consolidated the firm as a business-oriented law office. There came the inflation, the moratorium and the economic packages, which have emphasized the virtues of Machado Meyer′s tax practice by giving them the chance to participate in the renegotiation of foreign debt and in many businesses as a result of that period’s uncertainty in Brazil. Machado Meyer′s lawyers were able take advantage of the favorable outlook for professional practice in an environment highly complex and, shortly thereafter, moved to Consolação Street, still downtown. A single floor sparsely populated, only a few years after had became an entire building with fulfilled capacity.

The ′90s brought the open economy and several privatizations have happened. This condition gave the opportunity for Machado Meyer to multiply its staff  four fold and open offices in the major Brazilian cities. By the turn of the millennium, Machado Meyer opened its base in New York and a few years later moved its headquarters to the current address at Faria Lima Avenue, in Sao Paulo. Presently, besides São Paulo, the firm has units in Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Porto Alegre and Belo Horizonte, and, as previously said, a representative office in New York.
In 2012, the firm continues to be a protagonist in the Brazilian economic scene. Today, it participates actively in the consolidation of the country′s capital markets, in the internationalization processes of Brazilian companies, in the mergers and acquisitions that have taken place in Brazil and in large infrastructure projects. At the same time as being involved in large-scale operations, Machado Meyer also provides legal assistance to its clients on a daily basis. As a result of decades of work in the country′s principal business affairs, Machado Meyer remains one of the icons of excellence, ethics and professionalism in the world of law practice.