By the same evening, Machado Meyer were on the stage three times to get some of the most important awards in Latin America. In São Paulo, on March 29th, The ceremony Deal of the Year Awards 2012, from Latin Lawyer, a leading international publications in the sector, awarded the most relevant legal transacions in Latin America.

Two deals in which Machado Meyer has taken part wore honored. In the category of Corporate Finance, the elected was the issuance of US$ 2.6 billion in securities of OGX (Oil & Gas Company). In Project Finance, the winner was a financing transaction about US$ 786 million for Embraport (Brazilian Port Terminals), directed to the construction and operation of a container by Santos port, in São Paulo, Brazil.

As if that two merits were not enough, on the occasion, José Roberto Opice, Machado Meyer′s founding partner, was flattered with the Lifetime Achievement Awards. He was the single Brazilian between the three always distinguished.