By Larissa Leda Sabino

The National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) announced that the 11th Bid Round for the grant of concession contracts for exploration and production of petroleum and natural gas will still occur in May of this year, with concession contracts signed in August. With such action, the agency breaks the silence of more than 4 (four) years without new bid rounds for oil blocks.

The offered areas are well diversified - with blocks on land and at sea, high and low depth - what aims at descentrilizing exploratory investment in the country, attracting not only players already established in the market, but also foreign and domestic small and medium players.

Besides the 11th Bid Round, ANP announced that on 28 November of this year the first auction of pre-salt layer blocks will be held , which will inaugurate a new exploitation model for the oil and gas sector, the production sharing model (which still lacks detailing in certain respects). The Federal Government also announced the intention of having, still this year, the first auction for exploration of unconventional gas (shale gas) and auctions for producers of small and medium businesses interested in buying rights to explore oil blocks in marginal or minors areas.