By José Virgílio Lopes Enei and Gabriel Abdallah Mundim

The public-private partnerships (PPPs), introduced in Brazil by Law No. 11,079/04, had a rather timid start in the country and were almost discredited. Near of the end of the first decade of PPPs, the scenario is relevantly different: approximately 50 PPPs have been tendered and contracted by different states and municipalities, in various sectors.

It is possible to attribute part of the current success of PPPs to the development by several states and cities of the procedures called statement of interest procedures (Procedimentos de Manifestação e Interesse - PMIs). By means of such procedure, parties are invited by the Government to submit viability studies, which can serve as a launching subsidy to certain PPP.

According to a recent study on the subject, between 2007 and July 2012, 73 PMIs were published in order to obtain viability studies of PPP projects in Brazilian States.

Following this trend, the State of São Paulo, through its PPP Management Council, has recently launched two public callings for the submission of statement of interest procedures by interested parties. The first (Public Calling 01/2013) has as its object the development of studies and modeling to the implementation of Intercity Trains, while the second (Public Calling 02/2013) seeks to attract interested individuals in conducting technical studies and modeling for the PPP reorganization, structuring, implementation and operation of logistics processes of the Pharmaceutical Assistance of the State of São Paulo.

Furthermore, the city of São Paulo, by means of the Municipal Urban Development - SMDU, announced in February the Public Calling No 1/2013/SMDU, inviting interested parties to prepare and present of studies for the project transformation of the urban area called Arco Tietê. This project is part of a great urbanization plan called ′Arc of the Future′, which is one of the main priorities of the new municipal administration and should be treated as a priority over the next four years.