A growing economic force

For every two solely commercial ventures opened all over the world, a business is also born with the mission of solving a social or environmental problem. With the increasing consumer demand for greater company focus on social and environmental values, the relevance of impact businesses is exponentially surging.

The challenge is to ensure that these initiatives deliver enough economic results for sustaining their long-term financial viability. They need expert support to improve their access to resources, gain scale, and accurately measure their social and environmental outcomes.


Our Impact Businesses practice meets a growing demand not only of the market but also of our own lawyers and employees, interested in aligning the work we do every day with our social-environmental purpose. We provide advice to investors and entrepreneurs who foster businesses capable of producing socio-environmental impacts, generating financial returns and responding to changes in the economic environment.

Our Impact Businesses team offers complete assistance to national and international clients from diverse sectors such as financial institutions, investment funds, social entrepreneurs, non-governmental organizations and foundations, including microfinance institutions.

Our knowledge and expertise in areas such as corporate finance, M&A and non-profit organizations uniquely position us to offer our clients legal advice and strategic guidance, helping them achieve their goals. With a multidisciplinary group of lawyers who fully understand the meaning and purpose of impact businesses, we can offer special conditions to these companies as part of our commitment to generate and encourage social and environmental progress.