Brazil is the gateway to a considerable flow of foreign investors with not only local interests but also interests in other countries in Latin America. 

In recent years, we have also seen a growing volume of Brazilian investments in other Latin American countries, driven by the need for access to new markets and supported by the presence of the main Brazilian investment banks in the region. 

This trend is compounded by the natural and historical flow of Spanish and Portuguese investments in Latin America and a growing interest on the part of Latin Americans in Brazil, especially Mexicans, Argentines, Chileans, and Colombians. 

Considering the different jurisdictions involved and their legal, cyclical and even cultural peculiarities, the success of these projects depends to a great extent on the clarity and certainty of the rules and contracts established. 

Even though it is a factor in attracting new businesses, the obvious cultural proximity between the Iberian and Latin American countries hides legal, regulatory, business environment, and even language difficulties and barriers.  

With a focus on reducing these potential obstacles and helping to promote solid projects, Machado Meyer has a team of partners and associates specially dedicated to serving Latin American and Iberian investors with interests in Brazil, as well as Brazilian and global investors who have their regional offices for Latin America in Brazil. 

The group brings together professionals from all the firm’s practice groups, which allows it to offer a complete multidisciplinary approach in the most varied of project types. They are trilingual (Portuguese, Spanish, and English) and are well acquainted with the culture, interests, market functioning, and ways of doing business with investors in these regions. 

Our tradition and experience in serving these clients and our in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of Brazil's regulatory and risk environment facilitate the process of negotiations among the parties and give more certainty to new investments. 

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