With tremendous opportunities and challenges, the infrastructure sector has the potential to attract a broad range of local and foreign investors. But this highly regulated and competitive environment requires preparation and substantial experience to achieve satisfactory results and conduct projects efficiently. In this environment, our role is to facilitate business, thereby helping companies to implement projects, raise funds, interact with the government, and establish strategic agreements. To that end, we seek pioneering and unique solutions, tailored to each particular case.

We assist investors interested in participating in public bidding and exploring regulated activities through public-private partnerships, concessions, permissions, or authorizations. With our knowledge of Brazil's legal and regulatory framework, we assist clients in assessing risks, and structuring and modeling complex projects, always aiming at the maximum return on investment.

We develop innovative solutions for raising funds through such instruments as project finance, derivatives, investment funds, securitizations, and issuance of debt and other securities. We advise on the structuring of guarantees and collateral for financing by export credit agencies, development banks, and local or foreign financial institutions. Through a multidisciplinary approach, we are prepared to clarify all the key aspects to making projects feasible, whether they are regulatory, contractual, corporate, tax, financial, or environmental in nature.

We provide our clients with advice on establishing a relationship and interacting with government agencies and regulators, representing them before the court of auditors, the Judiciary, and arbitral tribunals.

We specialize in the following sectors:


Boosted by successive federal auctions, the airport industry offers great opportunities for investors. We provide advice on concessions, financing, contracts, and regulatory issues.


We are the first law firm in Brazil to have a practice area focused on the energy segment. We provide consulting, administrative, and judicial assistance with energy matters. We also work in project financing, both for entrepreneurs and financiers. Our services involve advice on energy auctions, mergers and acquisitions, and support in the main commercial contracts necessary for the development of an energy project, including EPC, EPCM, alliance contracts, and the like.


We have worked in this area since the first privatization in the 1990s. Although more mature, the highway concession sector requires large investments and imposes significant legal challenges, in particular with respect to financing, economic rebalancing, renovation, environmental issues, and other matters. We provide advice to clients on public bidding, project finance, contracts, and regulatory issues (litigation and advisory) involving tolls and tariffs.


We advise companies in the entire oil & gas supply chain that are operating in the country or are interested in entering the Brazilian market. We also assist financial institutions and investors in project financing, as well as large enterprises and service providers operating in this sector. Our professionals also assist in the implementation of gas projects integrated with the energy market. We have teams specializing in these industries, working together to support thermoelectric generation initiatives.


We have helped to draft the regulation and new model of Brazil's port area and have actively participated in the most significant operations in the sector. With such experience, we are uniquely positioned to offer a full range of legal services to companies wishing to invest in this area, such as advice on transactions, project financing, and regulatory consulting.


We have contributed to the modernization of the regulatory model with active participation in discussions with associations and public authorities. We have extensive experience with holders of railway concessions, their customers, and financial backers.


Our team assist investors in preparing to take part in public service bidding through concessions, permits, or authorizations. We walk companies through the service exploration process, providing legal support for decision-making and relationships with regulators. We also offer specific advice on disputes and relationships with regulators.


We provide advice to investors in public transport – such as subways, commuter trains and buses – and their bankers, builders, and partners.


We have advised our clients in PPPs, concessions, leases of assets, and other investment structures, as well as in their acquisitions, joint ventures, financing, and contracts.