the preservation of one’s financial position ​​is as important as the search for new opportunities. We stand ready to assist our clients in the most diverse forms of disputes, always in pursuit of the best results with a high degree of effectiveness, creativity, and efficiency.

At Machado Meyer, we advise and represent our clients in litigation and preventive matters in various types of business disputes, appearing before courts, administrative authorities, and regulatory agencies, participating in arbitration proceedings and assisting clients in preliminary discussions to prevent or reduce litigation impact.

We have the specialized knowledge of all of Machado Meyer’s practice areas at our disposal. This allows the development of sound management and conflict resolution strategies with respect to specific issues that not only solve problems immediately but also prevent them from recurring or reduce their future impact.

What distinguishes us is our highly specialized attorneys, who allow us to provide clients with innovative and creative solutions in any dispute scenario. We have teams with in-depth experience in such industries as aviation, energy, telecommunications, sanitation, retail, banking, environmental, and finance, among others.

We have recognized expertise in cross-border litigation and a broad network of relationships with major law firms in numerous countries. This allows us to act decisively in multijurisdictional disputes.

Our practice is divided into the following areas:


  • Strategic approach to pre-litigation conflict management
  • Analysis of creative alternatives to avoid the commencement of disputes or, if unavoidable, to put our clients in an advantageous position when any litigation begins
  • Assistance as mediators and conciliators
  • Review of contractual clauses in mergers and acquisitions, private equity, and similar transactions to ensure the effectiveness of contract provisions in the event of disputes


  • Readiness, technical knowledge, and strategy to conduct disputes in the most efficient manner possible for clients
  • Full understanding of regulations issued by the major market regulatory agencies, such as the CVM, the Central Bank, CADE, and other regulatory agencies
  • Extensive experience in higher courts (the Supreme Federal Court and the Superior Court of Justice), as well as in negotiations with the Public Prosecutor's Office
  • Extensive experience in bankruptcy proceedings and in-court and out-of-court reorganizations, especially in defense of creditors and third parties interested in acquiring assets from or granting loans to companies in financial difficulties


  • Assistance in deciding on use of an arbitration clause as an alternative mechanism for conflict resolution, with specific and profound analysis of the business in question
  • Definition of strategy for arbitration proceedings to maintain the value of the asset in dispute and maximize the possibility of a favorable outcome for the client
  • Specialized professionals, with significant expertise in ad hoc and institutional arbitrations, in various arbitration chambers, including the ICC, International Court of Arbitration in London, the American Arbitration Association, Brazil -Canada, the FGV Chamber of Conciliation and Arbitration, and CIESP/FIESP
  • A recognized practice in arbitrations to settle disputes in the construction industry, especially in large infrastructure projects when contractual claims arise relating to delays, changes in scope, and other problems.