To help our clients to adopt more modern, safe, and effective approaches to their social security obligations, we have a multidisciplinary team entirely dedicated to the study of social security laws and their impact, specialized and experienced professionals both in the tax and labor issues. They offer solutions that help companies gain efficiency and reduce risk, finding the balance between labor and tax aspects.

In recent years, the advancement of technology and the implementation of eSocial (Digital Tax Bookkeeping System of Taxes, Social Security, and Labor Liabilities) have required companies to establish more precise and integrated communications with government agencies. Providing correct information while knowing its impact is a requirement to protect and leverage the business.

Our work involves the legal analysis of any pension credits, deductibility values related tax benefits, as well as the identification of risks and inconsistencies in returns filed regarding the remuneration of companies' employees, review of compensation, incentive, and pension plans. This analysis considers the case law of CARF (Board of Tax Appeals) and the Superior Courts, presenting our clients with the updated and actual scenario.

We provide preventive and strategic consulting and advice on litigation regarding such topics as:

  • Compensation and benefit policies
  • Treating values on the payroll
  • Expatriate Remuneration
  • Private pension
  • Discussion of Accident Prevention Factor
  • Stock options
  • Profit sharing
  • Hiring bonus
  • Social security contributions in agribusiness
  • Substitute Social Security Contribution on Gross Revenue
  • Support in case of inspection
  • Lawsuits involving social security and labor issues
  • Preparation of studies and opinions on social security issues