In a business environment that is ever more internationalized and dynamic like the one we live in, companies seek rapid access and reliable and current information on other countries and markets to seize opportunities and manage local risks well.

To meet this demand, we have teams of lawyers with international experience, training in corporate areas, and knowledge of the different business cultures in many other countries.

Because of today's significant flow of investment, we have organized professionals specialized in advising clients from Germany, Spain, and Asia in highly qualified multidisciplinary groups: the German, Spanish, and Asian international desks.

In addition to fluency in the respective foreign languages, professionals with the special desks have accumulated experience to eliminate any specific cultural barriers, thereby facilitating the conducting of new business, generating competitive advantage, and adding value to the projects of clients coming from those regions.

We are specially qualified to provide the legal support necessary to ensure both the viability of new foreign investments and the expansion of horizons of multinational groups already established in Brazil.