After the extension of the deadline for launching labor lawsuits events on eSocial, a new consolidated version of the eSocial Guidance Manual was made available on January 24, with new changes.

This latest version extends to April 1 the initial milestone of the information to be transmitted.

Therefore, for the purpose of posting information regarding labor proceedings, only decisions or agreements that have become final or concluded from April 1st should be considered.

For events S-2500 and S-2501, the new wording of the manual included the possibility of anticipating the sending of information for compliance with obligations arising from a court decision.

This forecast includes cases in which the employer will have to comply with court decisions in a period lower than that normally stipulated for the insertion of information in eSocial.

eSocial also provided a guidance note indicating all changes made to the manual.

Further changes may still be made by eSocial and will be duly informed.

With the latest changes, the deadlines become:

  • Date of entry of labor proceedings events: April 1, 2023
  • Initial milestone of the information to be transmitted: April 1, 2023
  • First deadline for transmission of events: May 15, 2023