Initially scheduled for January 16, along with the implementation of the S-1.1 version of eSocial, the production of the Events S-2500, S-2501, S-3500 and S-5501 was extended to April 1 this year.

Companies will therefore only be able to access the web module for sending the events from April, when GFIP will also be replaced by DCTFWeb.

With the extension of the deadline, companies will have more time to organize and identify which labor complaints should have their information transmitted for the new events.

In addition to the extension, there may also be changes in the new layouts made available by eSocial, which should be disclosed before the new period of entry into production of labor process events.

The other time limits and determinations contained in the eSocial Guidance Manual, for now, remain the same:

  • Date of entry of labor proceedings events: April 1, 2023
  • Initial milestone of the information to be transmitted: January 1, 2023
  • First deadline for transmission of events: May 15, 2023