Companies that had already adapted their practices, procedures, and policies according to Executive Order 905/2019 should adjust such changes again due to its revocation. A new Executive Order will likely deal only with the Green and Yellow Employment Contract.
New measure provides payroll relief for companies, helps preserve jobs, but requires concessions from employers, with potential financial and labor consequences.
Flexible compensation for dismissal without cause according to the level of reduction in wages and work hours or temporary suspension of employment contracts encourages companies to adopt measures established in the government's emergency program.
On April 1, 2020, the Federal Government published Executive Order No. 936/20 ("MP 936"), providing for two (2) mechanisms for confronting the coronavirus (covid-19): proportional reduction in work hours and salary and temporary suspension of...
As an alternative measure to tackle the current crisis scenario caused by covid-19, Executive Order No. 936/20 was published on April 1 (MP 936), which stipulates the conditions for a proportional reduction in the hours and wages of employees and for the temporary suspension of employment contracts.
Executive order reiterates the federal government's concern with inspection and fining of companies in the event of non-compliance with serious obligations, especially the procedures applicable to proportional reduction of work hours and salary and temporary suspension of employment contracts.
The suspension must be agreed upon between employee and employer through an individual written agreement and sent to the employee two days in advance.
The new form of the coronavirus, called SARSCoV-2 and causing covid-19, was first discovered in Wuhan, China, in November of 2019. The coronavirus, previously associated with other known viral forms, such as SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV, suffered a...
On April 1, 2020, the Federal Government published Executive Order No. 936 ("MP 936") intended to implement new labor and employment measures for employers to confront the coronavirus (covid-19) and, with that, preserve economic activity and...
Healthcare workers will be able to work overtime beyond the agreed-upon or legal work hour limit, but weekly paid rest must be respected in order to avoid being cited for an administrative infraction.
All employers, including families hiring domestic workers, may suspend payment of the FGTS for March, April, and May of this year and pay the debt within up to six installments in the second half-year period. Click to see how.
By accelerating employee vacations, companies will be able to count on having their entire staff for up to 12 months in order to try to increase production and sales after the current crisis is over. Find out how MP 927/20 allows one to reduce the impact of this measure on cash flow.