Executive Order No. 927/20 provides for the suspension of procedural deadlines for presenting defenses and lodging appeals in administrative proceedings for 180 days. In addition, labor inspectors should advise companies on how to address possible irregularities before issuing an infraction notice.
Companies may accelerate federal, state, district, and municipal non-religious holidays by giving employees a 48-hour prior notice.
Our attorneys analyze possible questions Brazilian companies may have regarding changes in health and safety rules during the covid-19 pandemic.
Companies may make FGTS payments for March, April, and May 2020 from July onwards.
Cases of covid-19 will only be deemed occupational when the causal link between the disease and the work performed can be proved.
Employees will be able to offset the interruption of activities with overtime work of up to two hours per day for 18 months.
Executive Order No. 927 ("MP 927"), published on March 22, amended the laws and regulations governing the labor measures that may be adopted by employers to preserve employment and income and to confront the coronavirus (covid-19) while the state...
Companies may negotiate profit sharing programs directly with employees only if labor unions, summoned to join the discussions, fail to respond within seven days.
Discussions related to working hours and control thereof are extremely relevant for companies in Brazil, due to the large number of lawsuits in the Labor Courts involving the payment of overtime, a problem historically related to two factors:
The legal precautions that companies should take to comply with employee isolation measures during the covid-19 pandemic.
As of the 16th day, employees will be considered to be on sick leave covered by the INSS.
The deliberations and voting on the report of Executive Order (MP) No. 905/2019, scheduled for Tuesday, March 3, have motivated various discussions on the subject, especially in public hearings scheduled for this purpose.