Normative Ordinance 19/GM/MME/2021 regulates the classification of pipeline projects in the oil, natural gas, and biofuels sector and infrastructure projects for the production and processing of natural gas in the Reidi. Compare the changes between the new standard and the previous ordinances.
If the relocation occurs at the employee's discretion, the company shall not pay any additional relocation fee, nor shall it be responsible for the associated costs. To reduce risks, however, it must document the relocation rules and obtain an explicit statement of the employee's choice.
Collection is valid only for members or when the obligation to pay the fee has been recorded on the allotment registration prior to the acquisition of the lot.
Defendants must freely exercise their constitutional rights and avail themselves of the due process of law, according to the fundamental norms of civil procedure.
When employees return to the office, companies must observe the arrangement to which the worker is subject and the municipal, state, and federal laws.
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