Since real estate investment funds can directly acquire ownership of the property on which they will develop the project via a fiduciary deal, the requirement of the Real Estate Development Law and the Land Subdivision Law would be fulfilled.
In addition to expanding access to credit and reducing the exposure of creditors to risks, the legislative change makes the process of updating collateral for new loans more dynamic.
Issues of interest to the real estate market addressed in vetoed sections should be analyzed by the Judiciary on a case by case basis.
In any Brazilian state, acts will be performed exclusively through an electronic platform and signatory parties must have a digital certificate.
To qualify, taxpayers interested in making full payment of the amounts due must request the discount from the Municipal Tax Commissioner’s Office by June 4.
Our attorneys analyze doubts as to how to calculate compensation for expropriating these properties. Should it take into account only the value of the bare land? Or should the vegetation coverage area also be appraised, considering the environmental restrictions that prevent its economic exploitation?
It is possible to litigate levy of ITBI tax when the calculation basis considers the value of future construction to be carried out by the purchaser.
Measure contributes to modernizing the Brazilian notary system, which can help boost the economy and real estate businesses that rely on the services of notary offices.
The text proposed seeks to provide greater legal certainty by avoiding interference in equal relationships and privileging the risk allocation mechanisms of commercial contracts.
Senate approves emergency rules on real estate and agrarian contracts, residential rent, and life in condominiums during the covid-19 pandemic. The text will now be submitted to the Chamber of Deputies before going to the Brazilian president for approval or veto.
Note the guidelines regarding extrajudicial services issued in different Brazilian states due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The paid purchase of real estate is a taxable event that generates the Property Transfer Tax (ITBI), paid by purchasers. The rate of this municipal tax varies between 2% and 5% of the transaction value or reference value of the property (calculated based on what each municipality considers to be its market value), whichever is higher.