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A court ruling obtained by Fiemg raises new questions about the requirement to publish salary transparency reports.
Ministry of Labor and Employment publishes information on all companies with more than 100 employees on the internet.
3d wooden blocks above a notebook with white pages. In the background, a black calculator with white and red keys and a black magnifying glass.tact such as e-mail, telephone and social networks.
Injunctions and bill question submission of data and deadline regarding the Salary Transparency Report, but companies should maintain their planning.
MTE extends the deadline for companies to send, on the Emprega Brasil Portal, additional information that will be part of the Salary Transparency Report.
Before answering that they have a jobs and salaries plan on the Emprega Brasil Portal, companies must understand what it is and what are the consequences of having a plan of this type.
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Companies should be aware of the deadlines and procedures they must comply with for the preparation of the Salary Transparency Report.
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Companies can now fill in the Declaration of Equal Pay and Compensation Criteria, as part of the Salary Transparency Report.
MTE clarifies in live the methodology that will be used in the Wage Transparency Report and what the next steps are for companies.
Illustration of three small wooden blocks. From left to right, the blocks are stamped with: the female gender symbol, the equal sign and the male gender symbol.
Decree 11,795/23 stipulates that companies must submit a Salary Transparency Report in March and September of each year.
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The long-awaited regulation of the salary transparency report and compensation criteria, published on November 27 by the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE) through MTE Ordinance 3,714/23, brought in as main innovations: the definition that the...
Concept of equal pay between men and women. Illustrative image of three wooden blocks: one representing men, positioned on the left side of the image, another representing women, positioned on the right side, and the middle block with the "equal" symbol highlighted
Is it possible to prepare a women's and men's pay transparency report without disclosing salaries?
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Rule exposes legal entities to more severe legal consequences in the event of violation.
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