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New ordinance alters someprevention, control and mitigation measures of the risks of transmission of covid-19 in work environments.
Until the courts reach any decision on the constitutionality of the new rule, in effect since November 1, employers cannot demand vaccination for on-site work.
When employees return to the office, companies must observe the arrangement to which the worker is subject and the municipal, state, and federal laws.
Although there is still no consensus, the Judiciary is consolidating the understanding that, in certain situations, the pandemic justifies state intervention to ensure financial balance in commercial leases.
Check the rules governing the activities of companies that provide essential services or operate remotely in the state and the city of Rio de Janeiro.
Can employers require work from their employees on the dates scheduled for Carnival? Read about the alternatives available to them.
Interpretation given in Cosit Consultation Solution No. 148/20 contradicts Law No. 13,982/20, which did not condition the benefit of deduction on the granting of sick benefits to employees on leave due to covid-19.
In 2020, there are already 23 initial public offerings registered with CVM and 39 applications under review, but the scenario requires extra care regarding the pricing and timing of transactions.
The executive order brings in improvements that will modernize the electricity sector and strengthen the free market for energy marketing and sale {commercialization}.
Fixed monthly amount to make up for expenses incurred with teleworking is not included in employees' remuneration and is not subject to labor and social security charges, provided that certain parameters are observed.
More attention to the due diligence process, earn-out clauses as a measure of protection against assets losing their value, focus on obtaining representations and warranties. Would you like to learn about the impacts of the covid-19 pandemic on merger and acquisition negotiations?
The COVID-19 pandemic has made companies accelerate the implementation of sustainable practices. Organizations that conduct their business based on values and purpose, respecting their workforce and the environment, will take the lead in resuming economic activities.
Covid-19 measures to be followed by travelers, airlines, airport terminals, service providers, and companies operating in airports will be open for discussion until September 9.
Employees may have their contracts suspended or their salaries and working hours reduced for a total of 180 days, subject to the decreed period of the public emergency.
The traditional method of dispute resolution with the filing of a claim, adversarial process, production of evidence, judgment, and appeal should be the last path to resolving disputes related to the current covid-19 pandemic.
In total, 11 lots will be traded in nine Brazilian states, with investments of R$7.4 billion forecasted. See the rules.
Where do things stand now with the labor rules that had been relaxed due to the coronavirus pandemic? End of the validity of the MP affects individual agreements, acceleration of holidays and vacations, remote work, and hours bank arrangements, among other issues.
Possible ways to reconcile the restrictions imposed with other legal obligations arising from collective wage adjustment negotiations.
Rescue package offered by the Brazilian government to Brazilian airlines is much smaller than the financial assistance announced by other countries. The strategic importance of air transport service should lead to more forceful action.
Normative Act issued by the Rio de Janeiro Court of Appeals aims to create a special arrangement for dealing with conflicts related to business reorganization and bankruptcy due to the covid-19 pandemic.
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