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MP 1.182/23 has devices to prevent practices of manipulation of sporting events by the betting market.
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Confirmation of the constitutionality of the decriminalizing measures closes criminal proceedings against individuals for alleged default of the company.
Bill 2.091/23 creates five new criminal types to fight fraud.
14.540/23 establishes the Program for Prevention and Confrontation of Sexual Harassment and Other Crimes against Sexual Dignity and Sexual Violence.
How court decisions in relevant criminal proceedings can affect the Brazilian business landscape.
STJ considers that extinction of legal personality of incorporated company prevents punishment.
STJ accepts the request to withdraw the freezing of assets given delay in the criminal proceeding.
A judgment by the Supreme Court scheduled for April could end the criminal illegality of gambling, while PL 442/91, which regulates the activity in Brazil, advances in the Legislative Branch.
The new Public Bids and Contracts Act transferred the crimes to the Penal Code, in addition to increasing penalties, changing the description of criminal conduct and predicting a new crime. Criminal changes to the law generate important procedural consequences that affect the statute of limitation, the rite in which a particular criminal procedure will be conducted, the possibility of making criminal agreements and replacing the custodial sentence with restrictive rights.
One year after the Anticrime Package was implemented, questions remain regarding the negotiation of non-prosecution agreements. Technical notes provide guidance, particularly concerning cases already underway when the law entered into force, but they do not solve practical problems.
A clash between state courts and the Brazilian Superior Court of Justice paves the way to end the legal uncertainty surrounding the establishment of a crime of taxes misappropriation.
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