José Pedro Boll Gallas

José Pedro Boll Gallas


+ 55 11 3150-7777

Gallas is specialist in civil, judicial and extrajudicial disputes and in legal consultancy on matters concerning the civil area. A large part of his practice encompasses drafting judicial documents (such as statement of claims, answers and appeals), extrajudicial notifications, and providing strategic legal assistance in proceedings of a range of matters in Civil Law. Gallas has previous experience in providing legal assistance to clients of the areas of knowledge of food, automotive, banking, e-commerce, electronics, energy, pharmaceutical, paper and cellulose, chemical, heavy transport, and passengers transport.


Associação dos Advogados de São Paulo

Recent acknowledgments

Mentioned amongst lawyers admired for the performance in economic sector and concessions, by Análise Advocacia 2019.


Universidade de São Paulo (USP). Bachelor of Laws, 2014.

Recent publications

The new Code of Civil Procedure (CPC) prizes the parties' autonomy of will and values conciliation...[+]