José Alexandre Ferreira Sanches

José Alexandre Ferreira Sanches


+ 55 11 3150-9972

Expert in Civil Litigation and Public Law. José Alexandre has worked for 15 years in litigation area involving matters of Public Law and Private Law. In litigations in Public Law area, there is emphasis to judicial and administrative defense for construction and public utility, companies of automobile, pharmaceutical, financial and building (related to regulatory proceedings, contracting with government, indemnification suits and arbitral proceedings in face of it, civil investigation, public interest civil action, citizen suit and administrative proceeding) areas. In Private Law, in addition to judicial assistance to private law foundations, he represents arbitrations and judicial indemnification suits of civil liability and related to contractual obligations. Author of many publications in his area.


Brazilian Bar Association
São Paulo Bar Association - AASP

Recent acknowledgments

Ranked by the Análise 500 2018 among the most admired attorneys in cível area.
Ranked by the Análise 500 2019 among the most admired attorneys in
Public and regulatory law


Universidade Estadual Paulista - UNESP, Brazil (Bachelor of Laws, 2002).
São Paulo School of Judges - EPM, Brazil (Postgraduation in Civil Law, 2008).
Escola de Direito da Fundação Getulio Vargas, Brasil (Postgraduation in Lato Sensu em Estruturas e Operações Empresariais, Previsão de conclusão em 2019).

Other qualifications

During undergraduate studies, José Alexandre held a scholarship for research, before São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), with the theme “Corporate Contracts in the New Civil Code”


Recent publications

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