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Our eBook provides detailed insights into the new legislation on the subject. Published on January 10, 2024, Law No. 14.801/24 introduces a new type of debenture in the infrastructure sector, with specific tax benefits and significant...
Market participants had already spoken out against aspects of the public consultation that led to Resolution No. 1,105/20, such as the overlap between state and federal regulation.
With Bill No. 4,199/20, the Brazilian government seeks to encourage multimodal transport and make the Brazilian logistics chain more diversified, efficient, and effective.
With executive orders 949 and 950, the Brazilian government transfers 900 million Brazilian Reais to electric companies in order to offset the discounts granted to low-income consumers and establishes emergency solutions for the sector.
Resolution No. 4,751 of the National Monetary Council (CMN), issued on September 26, regulated the possibility of settlement through redemption and offer of redemption of debentures supported by Law No. 12,431/11, which deals with raising funds for infrastructure investment projects. This scenario was prohibited under the terms of subsection II of the sole paragraph of article 1 of that law.
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