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We believe that promoting education and respect for diversity is an essential aspect of everything we do. Our corporate social responsibility initiatives seek to generate opportunities to build a better society.

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Diversity and Inclusion

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee emerged in 2011, based on the work developed under the Women in Machado Meyer Program, which, with its evolution, attracted our attention to other forms of diversity besides gender.

Today we have 3 D&I initiatives: Gender Equity, Ethnic-Racial and LGBTQ+.

Gender Equity

We seek to create tools for the development of our lawyers and provide opportunities for the rise to decision and leadership positions, bringing greater equity to the proportion between men and women.

These actions are reinforced by external commitments such as WEPS and the Target Gender Equality movement, linked to UN Women and the Global Compact.


The IDENTIDADE AFRO - ID.AFRO is the racial affinity group of our D&I committee. It seeks to promote ethnic-racial equity
through the debate and initiatives for the creation of an inclusive and diverse office.


Launched in 2017, the #1gualdade program represents the firm's commitment to supporting diversity and promoting an open, inclusive and welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ audiences.

Its main goals are: respect for diversity with the creation of an environment so that our people express themselves freely and the recognition of the value of a diverse team.

Social Investment and Incentive Laws

The sponsorship of Machado Meyer aims to support financially, through incentive laws and direct verbs, social responsibility projects of third sector organizations that contribute to promoting the development of education in our country, as well as consolidating the social commitment of thewith the community in which it is inserted.

Some actions we support

São Paulo

Rio de Janeiro


Belo Horizonte

Pro Bono Initiatives

We assume a commitment to Bono's work, with the objective of offering free service services to organizations and people represented by them, and this is only possible with the engagement of their partners, lawyers and trainees.

Therefore, we value actions that inspire our employees and understand that the performance of pro bono work is fully aligned with the strength of our brand and the values of our culture.






We were awarded in 2015, in the innovation category, for the work developed in partnership with other offices and companies for the ceiling, an organization present in Latin America and the Caribbean, which seeks to overcome the poverty situation in which millions of people live, which occurs through the joint action of residents and young volunteers.



In 2014 and 2015, we were recognized by Latin Lawyer and Cyrus R Vance Center as one of the leading offices contributing to the development of pro bono culture in Latin America.

The retrospective of our actions in citizenship throughout our first 40 years of existence has also become a book. Click here to download.


Employees who identify with topics such as Sustainability and environment have the opportunity to make a difference in Machado Meyer through the Green Team, an affinity group that aims to promote discussions, propose actions and practical solutions that can change thoughts and attitudes inside and outside the office.

In addition to the affinity group, this front also has actions in partnership with our Environmental area, besides having already been responsible for the removal of disposable glasses and cutlery from the office, when all employees won a glass Minus 1 Garbage. With this action, we stopped producing 90 tons of solid waste over 1 year..


in 4 months
(may to august)

10.000 disposable spoons

10.000 disposable forks

6.667 disposable knives

101.667 disposable cups


Sustainable use of



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Reference in good
practice in the market

Negative environmental
impact mitigation



1 year

Up to R$ 100,000
Up to 90 tons


5 yeas old

Up to R$ 500,000
Up to 450 tons


10 years old

Up to R$ 1 million
Up to 900 tons


Machado Meyer's Volunteer Program is an opportunity to make a difference, contributing to meet the needs of various communities in which we operate, always in a manner consistent with the office's Social Responsibility guidelines.

We believe that together we can promote the transformation and construction of a more just and supportive society.

If you want to indicate a legal demand for a non-profit organization to be met through our Pro Bono Performance, Share Here

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