Carolina Mascarenhas


+ 55 11 3150-7097

Specialist in civil and company disputes litigations, as well as in the prevention and settlement of litigations. Mascarenhas has extensive experience in the fields of reorganization and bankruptcy and debts restructuring, participating in the largest reorganizations in Brazil in cooperation with the trustee, assisting the debtor and, mainly, providing legal assistance to investors and creditors.
Her practice encompasses preparing procedural documents in strategic litigations, memoranda and legal opinions, the provision of legal assistance, an active participation in negotiations and procedures of reorganization and bankruptcy, and the implementation of debt restructuring operations.
Mascarenhas has previous experience in several areas of knowledge, such as banking, e-commerce, electronics, energy, services and civil construction.


Brazilian Bar Association.
AASP – Associação dos Advogados de São Paulo.
TMA Brazil – Turnaround Management Association.


Universidade de São Paulo (USP) – Bachelor of Laws, 2009.

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