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Top image of forest with river running through the middle
Event inaugurates a new stage of cooperation between amazonian countries.
Bottom view of mirrored building with tree in the background
Environmental racism happens when people from ethnic minorities or populations in the periphery suffer discrimination because of environmental degradation.
Bottom image of power antenna
It is incumbent on Anatel to issue rules on the provision of telecommunications services and regulate the implementation, operation and interconnection of networks.
Top image of river cutting through forest
Amazon Energy Program is created with the main objective of reducing the use of non-renewable sources in energy production in the Amazon region.
Image of four tree seedlings, at different stages of growth, arranged from smallest to largest.
Federal Law 14,590/23 amends rules related to the subject and expands opportunities for investors in the sector.
European Green Deal represents a challenge for Brazilian exporters, but also creates opportunities.
In force since April 1st, Federal Law No. 14,133/21 makes environmental policies more effective granting legal certainty to public contracts.
Decision declared null and void deliberations made by Conema. The Judicial discussion originated in a popular action on the composition of the council.
An important initiative to reduce greenhouse gases, the National Biofuels Policy shall receive amendment proposals.
Exclusion of the conciliation hearing is one of the main changes promoted by Decree 11,373/23.
Court decides on the unconstitutionality of less protective state rule when judging ADI 4,529.
Board decision establishes procedures for contaminated areas.
Standards are considered progress in the modernization of licensing processes and environmental authorizations.
The risk that the existing environmental liability will be assumed by the new owner
By requiring the assessment of the existence of an unlawful conduct, demonstration of fault and proof of the causal nexus, the environmental authority may provide more legal certainty on the issuance of infraction notices coleta.
Trial of ADPF 708 by the Supreme Court is an important step to leverage environmental policies.
Federal Decree No. 11.075/22, which regulates the sector, is an improvement, but legal security on the subject still depends on specific legislation.
Check out the amendments to Federal Decree 6,514/08 on violations and administrative sanctions for conduct and activities deemed harmful to the environment.
The institution of Planares and the creation of Recicla+ aim to improve the solid waste management in a proper, transparent and efficient way in the country.
One of the objectives of the National Plan for Environmental Regularization of Rural Properties is to promote and improve the integration of information systems and databases used to feed the Rural Environmental Registry.
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