On March 25, 2024, the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama) launched the Environmental Recovery Monitoring Platform (Recooperar).

This tool, established by Normative Instruction 9/24, aims to promote the management and integrated monitoring of data on degraded or altered areas that need environmental recovery. The areas covered are those derived from administrative processes conducted by Ibama units.

Under the terms of Normative Instruction 9/24, areas subject to environmental recovery are considered to be those that have been degraded or altered, especially in terrestrial ecosystems. These areas are identified in environmental inspection activities, federal environmental licensing, direct or indirect reparation for environmental damage, or any other sources related to Ibama's competence.

Examples of areas covered by the standard are: forest fire sites, areas embargoed for deforestation or occupation of protected areas, without a license, without environmental authorization or in disagreement with the authorization obtained, as well as compensatory planting sites.

The Recooperar platform was developed, among other purposes, to encourage the structuring, dissemination and access to data and information on areas subject to environmental recovery that are monitored by Ibama. The tool works as a comprehensive repository that includes:

  • the management of areas subject to environmental recovery;
  • the management of the platform's user profiles;
  • the historical record on the monitoring of the areas;
  • a geographic information bank on the location of the monitored areas, including biomes, indigenous lands, conservation units, hydrographic regions, quilombola territories and other geographic data available in public databases; and
  • a database of administrative information on the number of the infraction notice, the embargo term, the licenses and authorizations, the form of monitoring, the most recent situation of the areas subject to environmental recovery within the scope of Ibama, among others.

Ibama's new platform allows other federal institutions to register altered or degraded areas, subject to environmental recovery, in a database of public and private areas. These areas may receive environmental projects within the scope of administrative processes of environmental licensing or reparation for environmental damage, whose inspection is under federal jurisdiction.

Recooperar also allows the continuous updating of cadastral information and the situation of altered or degraded areas subject to environmental recovery. This facilitates monitoring by Ibama and other entities involved in the recovery process.

The mandatory use of Recooperar for registration or management of areas subject to environmental recovery, or its integration with systems or platforms in which they are already registered, depends on the availability of the tool in a production environment. It is also possible to integrate data with other Ibama systems.