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Presidential text comes into effect on June 20 and will allow the institution to regulate the activities of virtual asset service providers.
A white person is typing on a tablet positioned on a gray table. On the tablet's screen is information about the financial market
Law 14,478/22 inaugurates a new phase of the crypto economy in the country, bringing more legal security.
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Recommendations from the International Securities Organization are expected to impact the regulatory environment in Brazil and around the world.
Bill seeks to simplify issuance of debentures
Proposal is part of the initiative of simplification and cutting red tape for financing prepared by the government.
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The Authority published Circular Letter 6/2023/CVM/SSE which sets forthcriteria to distinguish the issuance of tokens as a securitization operation or a collective investment contract and deals with some sorts of financial assets and crowdfunding.
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Joint resolution establishes minimum list of data and information that must be shared by institutions and procedures to be followed to avoid fraud.
Brazil: Central Bank and National Monetary Council issue rules on data sharing
A joint resolution establishes the minimum set of data and information that must be shared by institutions and the procedures to be followed in order to avoid fraud.
Changes in the regulation of foreign capital in Brazil
The objectives of the new rules established by BCB Resolution 278 are to modernize, simplify, and strengthen the legal security of operations.
Central Bank of Brazil launches pilot project of Real Digital
Objective is to test the technologies of issuance and circulation and evaluate the impacts and benefits of the Brazilian Central Bank Digital Currency.
Standardization of accounting disclosure of sustainability assets
Central Bank establishes a new instruction on the provision of information by financial institutions
Electronic Apostilling Process in Brazil
Creation of the Electronic Apostille System (Apostil) will allow documents to be processed electronically and quickly through a national platform.
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