Created by Law No. 14,130, Investment Funds in Agroindustrial Production Chains provides for tax benefits for investors, such as exemption from withholding income tax.
Proposals under analysis contribute to the adoption of more responsible environmental, social and governance practices in the financial market, both in the granting of credit and in the channeling of investments.
The reporting is mandatory to companies with direct participation of non-residents in its capital stock, in any amount, among other entities.
The reporting is mandatory to those legal entities when, on December 31, 2020, they had a net worth equivalent to or above USD 100 million and, simultaneously, any direct ownership held by non-resident investors in their capital stock, regardless of the amount.
The CRAs market tends to become more attractive to investors with BNDES' role as a guarantor for investors in issuances of CRAs.
The reporting is mandatory to those holding assets abroad amounting to or exceeding the equivalent to 1 million USD on December 31, 2020.