The adjustments to be proposed should change the mechanisms that have not produced the expected effects and consider the impacts of the covid-19 pandemic.
Credit security used by rural producers encourages environmental preservation in rural areas and promotes sustainable practices.
Decision brings legal solution to recurrent case and confirms that it is feasible to regularize socially and economically vulnerable areas.
São Paulo Courts authorizes the attachment of a BRL 24 million house, ruling that such an expensive property is not necessary to maintain a dignified life and the existential minimum for the debtor’s needs, as provided for in Law No. 8,009/90.
Traditionally used to readjust lease agreements, index has been questioned as a parameter on several fronts, but the absence of a consolidated legal and legislative position has led renters and lessors to negotiate alternatives.
Collection is valid only for members or when the obligation to pay the fee has been recorded on the allotment registration prior to the acquisition of the lot.
Court guarantees creditor’s right, but gives co-owner of unsecured portion of property preference in acquiring entirety of the property or right to be compensated for the value of the judicial appraisal proportional to his share. Decision emphasizes the need to conduct rigorous due diligence for the acquisition of real estate.
Fatima Tadea Rombola Fonseca, Vagner Araujo and Luiza Indio Published in 2017, Law No. 13,465 established an important instrument and legal framework in the context of public policies aimed at land regularization of consolidated informal urban...
Decision of the Municipal Secretariat of Finance of Rio de Janeiro creates another tax instrumental burden for the taxpayer from Rio de Janeiro, who is now responsible for self-declaring the information necessary for calculating the IPTU.
In order to provide security to foreign investors and to the operations maintained by them in Brazil, it is essential to carry out planning and a prior study of possible legal alternatives based on an analysis of which structures best suit the development of the activities intended.
Initiative promises to attract more investment to the city in the real estate and construction sectors. Delay in licensing was one of the main obstacles for companies in the industry.
Court decision sets a precedent for families to seek annulment of real estate contracts concluded before interdiction. Change aims to protect individual who has not yet been declared incapable.