Measure is alternative for owner who does not want or is no longer able to own a property and bear all the inherent expenses Bruno Costa, Gabriela Caetano Andrade and Guilherme Alcântara Nunes The maintenance of a real estate property...
Presentation of the document is mandatory for acts of annotation and registration before Notary Offices and Real Estate Registry Offices
Created by FGV, the index aims to solve the main point of conflict in the relationship between lessor and lessee to ensure greater contractual predictability. However, the calculation base needs to be expanded to better reflect the reality of the country.
New rules allow owners and purchasers of autonomous units to actively participate in the deliberations of meetings, even remotely, and provide managers with more tools and legal certainty to conduct their work.
Decision of the STJ removes the use of amounts arbitrated by the municipalities to collect the ITBI, but it is still worth evaluating appeal filed by the municipality of São Paulo.
Bill of Law 4,188/21 brings changes that promise to provide lower interest rates and greater credit for investments. Measures also benefit financial institutions with reduced warranty management costs.
The adjustments to be proposed should change the mechanisms that have not produced the expected effects and consider the impacts of the covid-19 pandemic.
Credit security used by rural producers encourages environmental preservation in rural areas and promotes sustainable practices.
Decision brings legal solution to recurrent case and confirms that it is feasible to regularize socially and economically vulnerable areas.
São Paulo Courts authorizes the attachment of a BRL 24 million house, ruling that such an expensive property is not necessary to maintain a dignified life and the existential minimum for the debtor’s needs, as provided for in Law No. 8,009/90.
Traditionally used to readjust lease agreements, index has been questioned as a parameter on several fronts, but the absence of a consolidated legal and legislative position has led renters and lessors to negotiate alternatives.
Collection is valid only for members or when the obligation to pay the fee has been recorded on the allotment registration prior to the acquisition of the lot.