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Lower view of the mirrored building
City Council overturns 17 vetoes applied by mayor Ricardo Nunes in the partial revision of the Zoning Law of the city of São Paulo.
Mockup of tablets reflecting the e-book's internal content
The Legal Framework for Secured Transactions (Law 14.711/23) represents a turning point for the Brazilian financial and real estate sector. Promoting legal certainty and efficiency in the use of guarantees, the legislation promises to dynamize the...
Bottom view of building with mirrored windows and metal structures
STJ puts an end to controversy over the taxable event.
Illustration of a white house with a red stripe between the windows and a black roof. Next to it, magnifying glass and A4 sheets of paper with printed graphics
Decision confirms legitimacy of the court's regulation that prohibits the fiduciary alienation of real estate by private instrument in Minas Gerais.
Top view of the city of Rio de Janeiro, overlooking some buildings by the sea, surrounded by mountains and trees
New law allows to regularize constructions in the city and reconvert buildings licensed as hotels for the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games.
Residential key with a design of a wooden house as a key ring. The key is attached to the door handle
Expansion of target audience, new grant limits, and more flexibility in real estate transactions should generate positive impacts for construction companies in the sector.
Bottom view of building with white iron structure and glass windows
Accusations in Rio de Janeiro building reignite discussion on exclusion of antisocial condominium member.
Bottom view of building with white walls and mirrored glass windows
STJ decision confirms that this type of transaction is subject to the tax, but there are aspects that can take the issue to the analysis of the STF.
Landscape of a busy avenue, late afternoon. On the sides, several streetlights illuminating the street. Around, buildings surround the image
City Hall publishes the decree that simplifies rules for this type of operation.
Bottom view of corrugated-frame building with brown-colored walls and multiple windows
Court takes a position on pledge and auction of properties which are in default with condominium quotas.
Ebook: Interim review of the Master Plan
The Strategic Master Plan (PDE) outlines principles and guidelines for São Paulo's urban development policy, aiming to order the development of the city's social functions and socially fair and ecologically balanced use. Check out what will change with the revision of the PDE, sent for Mayor Ricardo Nunes' signature at the end of June 2023.
Top view of São Paulo's urban center
Revision of the PDE and the Zoning Law is required to adjust misuse of purpose and give more legal certainty to operators and investors.
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