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Recently proposed bills on the subject violate basic principles.
Illustration of a person using a hologram technology system
The Design of a Dispute System in Brazil presents results that prove its effectiveness, speed, and benefits for all involved.
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STJ decides that notification can not be made exclusively by e-mail or SMS.
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Fate of the shareholding after the death of a partner must be dealt with in a partners' agreement to establish the condition of the heirs and avoid litigation.
The transitional regime of the new Bidding Law
Ordinance Seges/MGI 1.769/23 establishes a schedule to be followed by public managers.
Analysis of the civil procedural aspects of the Supreme Court's decision on RE 949.297 and RE 955.227
Understanding of the Supreme Court innovates in the rule on the institute of the res judicata provided for in the Code of Civil Procedure.
The Digital Markets Act and its impact on big tech
New EU law is another sign that large technology companies will need to adapt to an increasingly regulated environment.
Third-Party Litigation Funding in Brazil
TJSP decision delimits, for the first time, the information that must be disclosed in third-party funding situations.
The role of mediation in dispute resolution
Alternative to dispute resolution promotes celerity and economy when compared to lawsuits and arbitration.
The TCU and the freeze of assets orders in the administrative jurisdiction
Accounting Court’s freeze orders need to be duly grounded not only on legal grounds, but also on real risk to the useful outcome of the lawsuit.
Is the extension of promotions valid for all customers?
Controversy persists after Supreme Court established that mandatory extension is unconstitutional in judgment of ADIs.
The controversy of the companion as a necessary heir
Despite being declared equal by the Supreme Court the succession regimes of partners and spouses, the theme still generates controversies
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