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SEFAZ/RJ introduces new obligation on ICMS Tax Incentives
Sefaz/RJ makes communication on ICMS incentives mandatory to help monitor the regularity of the use of tax benefits.
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The Attorney General's Office for National Treasury and the Special Secretariat of the Federal Revenue of Brazil have published notices regarding the negotiation of federal tax credits.
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Our eBook provides detailed insights into the new legislation on the subject. Published on January 10, 2024, Law No. 14.801/24 introduces a new type of debenture in the infrastructure sector, with specific tax benefits and significant...
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Elected as a national priority, the tax reform will unify the main taxes on consumption in order to improve Brazil's business environment and boost its economic growth. To help you understand the changes and the impact of these transformations on...
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Sefaz/SP changes regulation of special regimes in relation to deadlines and exemption from analysis of tax regularity of the taxpayer.
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Brazilian legislation on the taxation of investments abroad will undergo major changes if Bill 4.173/23 is approved in its entirety. These changes could impact the way Brazilian investors and companies operate and invest in assets outside the country.
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Legal framework for guarantees, which changes the rules for taxing non-resident investments, is approved by the House of Representatives and goes to presidential sanction.
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Tax authorities restrict the application of the understanding issued by the STJ in Theme 1,182 and give new contours to the discussion.
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Ordinance changes rules of analysis and makes it more difficult to obtain exemption from issuing of Tax Infraction Notices.
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Approved by the Senate, a bill of law that regulates the subject will be voted on by the House of Representatives. Legislative amendments aim to maintain the non-cumulativeness method and the enjoyment of tax benefits.
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We have prepared this e-book with insights from our partners on the main impacts of applying the new rules, the transactions covered within their scope, and the contentious issues. Take a look!
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The Federal Government have announced the postponement, but are yet to release the new date of the obligation, which should coincide with the replacement of GFIP by DCTFWeb.
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