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The digital transformation has become indispensable for the growth and innovation of organizations in an interconnected world. This ebook is an invitation to the digital journey, providing guidance for your company to seize the opportunities of the...
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What are loot boxes and play-to-earn practices, and what are the elements that characterize these features present in electronic games.
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Initiatives that companies involved in gaming, betting and eSports should take to maintain legal security and obtain better results.
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What characterizes betting, gaming and betting practices, definition of some of these activities and which legal rules relate to them.
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What are the main aspects of games, fantasy games and eSports and what initiatives are being taken to regulate these practices?
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What is the legal practice of gaming, gambling and eSports, activities that increasingly attract the attention and interest of new generations.
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The Brazilian Data Protection Authority (“ANPD”) defines that all legal hypotheses for processing personal data apply for children and adolescents. The publication has binding interpretation and must be observed by all data controllers and processors.
Privacidade e proteção de dados. Conceito de cibersegurança.
Last February 27, the Brazilian National Data Protection Authority (ANPD) issued a Resolution providing for administrative sanctions in cases of personal data protection violations. The fines - which had not yet been applied in Brazil - will be all over the news from now on.
The Brazilian Data Protection Authority (ANPD) publishes regulations on administrative sanctions
The regulation establishes criteria and guarantees that there will only be an enforcement measure after the administrative procedure.
Crypto Bill of Rights is passed into law in Brazil
 Law 14,478/2022, which creates a civil framework for the crypto economy in Brazil, was published on December 22, 2022.
ANPD publishes new Regulatory Agenda
Document aims to give more predictability to the regulatory process and maintain pedagogical transparency as one of the pillars of the municipality's action.
OECD research analyzes the relationship between marketplaces and consumer law
Study points out best practices adopted to mitigate risks of accountability.
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