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Recooperar Platform aims to manage recovery of degraded environmental areas, strengthening environmental inspection and licensing.
A woman wearing a green T-shirt, goggles and her hair in a ponytail, holding a clipboard and looking at a stock of materials in a factory
Minas Gerais State Department of Environment and Sustainable Development defines guidelines for the implementation of reverse logistics in the state.
Top image of forest with river running through the middle
Event inaugurates a new stage of cooperation between amazonian countries.
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Environmental racism happens when people from ethnic minorities or populations in the periphery suffer discrimination because of environmental degradation.
Bottom image of power antenna
It is incumbent on Anatel to issue rules on the provision of telecommunications services and regulate the implementation, operation and interconnection of networks.
Top image of river cutting through forest
Amazon Energy Program is created with the main objective of reducing the use of non-renewable sources in energy production in the Amazon region.
Image of four tree seedlings, at different stages of growth, arranged from smallest to largest.
Federal Law 14,590/23 amends rules related to the subject and expands opportunities for investors in the sector.
How will Brazil be affected by EU environmental requirements?
European Green Deal represents a challenge for Brazilian exporters, but also creates opportunities.
Environmental aspects of the new Bidding
In force since April 1st, Federal Law No. 14,133/21 makes environmental policies more effective granting legal certainty to public contracts.
State Court of Rio de Janeiro suspended issuance of new environmental licenses
Decision declared null and void deliberations made by Conema. The Judicial discussion originated in a popular action on the composition of the council.
RenovaBio and decarbonization of the Brazilian energy matrix
An important initiative to reduce greenhouse gases, the National Biofuels Policy shall receive amendment proposals.
Changes in the environmental administrative process
Exclusion of the conciliation hearing is one of the main changes promoted by Decree 11,373/23.
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