On April 10, the São Paulo City Council rejected 17 of the 58 vetoes made by mayor Ricardo Nunes in the partial revision of the Land Parceling, Use and Occupation Law. The text is better known as the Zoning Law (Law 16.402/16), instituted through Law 18.081/24 on January 19, 2024.

The revision carried out by mayor Ricardo Nunes aimed to reconcile the objectives of the Zoning Law jointly with the mid-term review of the Strategic Master Plan of São Paulo (Law 17.975/23). However, the São Paulo City Council, in an ordinary session on April 10, discussed and voted to overturn 17 vetoes. The decision was promulgated by the president of the Chamber, Milton Leite, at the request of the mayor, on April 17.

The justifications presented by the City Council for the partial overturning of the vetoes focused on encouraging sustainability and the production of social housing in the city. Measures to support the so-called "smart" cities to foster sustainable practices in buildings through incentives for environmentally responsible technological and constructive innovations are highlighted.

The most relevant changes are presented in the updated version of our e-book: Revision of the Master Plan and Zoning Law.