Essential for Brazil's economic development, the airport and navigation sectors today have a great need for private investment in aircraft and boats, as well as in infrastructure. In the maritime industry, the use and operation of vessels are becoming increasingly complex and require companies be prepared. At the same time, airlines are experiencing a challenging time, which makes room for transactions with foreign investors and restructuring.

Our professionals have extensive experience and expertise regarding the legislation, the technical aspects of these industries, and business context, to meet the entire range of legal needs and support the definition and implementation of effective growth strategies.

We provide advisory services on the structuring of purchase and sale transactions, leasing and financing of aircraft, engines, boats, and other equipment. We assist with concessions, financing and regulatory aspects of airports and in operations that are peculiar to those industries, such as aircraft leasing, vessel chartering, aircraft and naval mortgage and structured transactions, engine maintenance contracts, interchange agreements and time sharing of helicopters.

In a cyclical industry with high capital such as aviation, we are prepared to support mergers and acquisitions, alliances with foreign investors, restructuring, and industry consolidation movements.

We have tradition and leadership also in project financings, such as shipbuilding, aircraft, and fleets of ships or aircraft. And they are quite complex structures, requiring vast experience in international contract, corporate and tax matters, among others. Our difference in these cases is versatility. We use our knowledge of the public regulatory law to understand the rules of these segments, our expertise in the negotiation and drafting of complex contracts and broad experience in all other fields of law where Machado Meyer operates.

We offer services for airlines, charter companies, shipyards, manufacturers and leasing companies of aircraft and vessels, government agencies, financial institutions, insurance companies, and national and international investors.


  • Project financing for the production, sale, and leasing of aircraft, vessels, and equipment
  • Joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions
  • Domestic and international regulatory advice
  • Drafting and negotiation of complex contracts
  • Restructuring and insolvency
  • Administrative, civil, and tax litigation
  • Insurance advice
  • Crisis management
  • Labor consulting
  • Tax consulting