Following the increasing sophistication of business, contracts are becoming more and more sophisticated. It is essential to have an experienced legal counsel, able to draw up insurance contracts that anticipate possible risks, without giving up on the opportunities.

With an experienced and continually updated team, we are ready to support our clients in the structuring and negotiation of complex contracts. Our difference lies precisely in understanding how our clients operate, what their challenges are, and in find contractual solutions that address these challenges adequately. For this, we use the experience and knowledge we have accumulated on the most different sectors of the economy, coupled with the best contractual practices in Brazil and abroad.

Our focus is to structure specific, balanced and clear instruments that reduce the chances of conflict. To that end, we analyze the problems that the client may face and its exposure to risks. This requires joint work with each company's commercial, financial, operational and technical departments.

Everything is thought to protect the organization in the best way, detailing responsibilities, rights, and obligations of all stakeholders in a clear and objective manner. Our collaboration starts from designing the business through its completion, including client support in contract negotiation. We seek to enrich the discussions and anticipate problems before the parties have to resort to the courts or to arbitration to resolve potential disputes.

We also adapt foreign contracts to the Law and the Brazilian market and prepare contractual instruments for new business models and new technologies. Our professionals can discuss all the details of the operation of the new business, combining knowledge from different Office experts on topics that can decisively affect the new contract and the company's operations, such as tax, regulatory and financial issues.