Accidents, product recall, labor complaints, leakage of confidential information. Every day, companies involved in some severe crisis are highlighted on the news. Many are not prepared to deal with these events, which threaten their very survival. An effective response requires planning and structured processes and efficient and responsive legal advice.

Experience in complex cases and a multidisciplinary approach are our greatest differentiators to help businesses through these turbulences as quickly and safely as possible. We participate in the management of some of the major crisis events in Brazilian corporations - cases that changed the natural course of the activities of these organizations - involving air, mining, port, chemical, petrochemical, and construction sectors.

The focus of our work is to deter the crisis impacts to preserve the company reputation, minimize losses, speed up and safeguard the maintenance of business. We apply our knowledge of standards and legislation appropriately to each business situation. With this legal intelligence, we can quickly assess the risks, impacts, and responsibilities of a negative event for the company's operations and develop a set solution to our client's needs.

Our practice aims to:

  • evaluate how previous actions may translate into civil, administrative, and criminal liabilities for the company and its management,
  • manage the organization's relationship with public authorities, communities, regulators, and the press,
  • develop a coherent response and precise message to the public affected, and
  • organize the flow of information so that the company can make quick and safe decisions

Our work also has a preventive focus. We help companies implement crisis management programs by providing consulting services that involve the structuring of committees and the definition of roles, duties, governance procedures, business continuity plans, and an adequate flow of information.