Crisis management is a fundamental process for companies facing unexpected situations, such as accidents, product recalls, labor complaints, or personal data leaks. Proper preparation and an effective response are essential to ensuring survival and business continuity. 

The importance of a crisis management plan

Every day, companies involved in some kind of serious crisis are in the news. Many are unprepared to deal with these events, threatening their very survival. An effective response requires planning, well-structured processes, and effective and agile legal advice. 

Experienced and multidisciplinary work 

Our experience in complex cases and our multidisciplinary approach are our greatest strengths in helping companies get through turbulence as quickly and safely as possible. We have participated in the management of some of the biggest crisis events in Brazilian corporations, including the aviation, mining, port, chemical, petrochemical, infrastructure, and construction industries. 

Focus on preserving reputation and business continuity 

The focus of our work is to contain the impacts of the crisis in order to preserve the company's reputation, minimize losses, and ensure business continuity. In each situation, we apply our knowledge of standards and legislation appropriately. We quickly assess the risks, impacts, and responsibilities, developing solutions tailored to the client's needs. 

Our work aims to: 

  • Ensure business continuity and the return of activities affected by the crisis; 
  • Establish and coordinate deliberative governance, organizing the flow of information for quick and safe decisions; 
  • Assess the consequences of the actions taken in terms of civil, administrative, and criminal liability; 
  • Manage relationships with public authorities, communities, regulatory bodies, banks, insurance companies, capital markets, and the press; 
  • Define a coherent and precise response message for all affected audiences. 

Crisis management consulting and programs 

Our work also has a preventive focus. We offer consulting services to companies, with the aim of assisting them in the implementation of crisis management programs, which involve: 

  • Structuring committees and defining roles and responsibilities; 
  • Setting governance procedures; 
  • Structuring business continuity plans; 
  • Ensuring the proper flow of information. 

In times of crisis, it is crucial to be prepared. Our services ensure that your company will be ready to face any challenge, minimizing losses and ensuring continuity of business operations.