The relationship with the public sector is a key factor for the success of different industries. Rules imposed and regularly updated by governments can completely change the results forecasted for infrastructure projects, corporate transactions, and business operations. Privatizations, concessions, and PPPs bring great opportunities for businesses but require proper strategy and broad experience in public and regulatory law to generate the expected value.

With a long involvement in supporting the structuring and modeling of projects with the public sector, we assist clients in public tenders, concessions, and public-private partnerships, providing advice on all aspects of administrative and regulatory law.

Our biggest difference is our capacity to assist our clients from the design and modeling of the project, its bidding process, and throughout the implementation, management, including the financing, negotiation and drafting of construction contracts, operation and maintenance, off-take agreements, corporate arrangements, shareholders' agreements, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.

We have a versatile team, specializing in the relationship with regulatory agencies and qualified to meet all the demands of the companies in their new projects, which also involve tax, environmental, labor, and administrative litigation issues.

We are pioneers in structuring public-private partnerships, a subject that we have developed even before the publication of Law No. 11.079 of 2004. We work in this area since the beginning of the process, providing legal advice on the design of technical solutions for more than a hundred infrastructure projects through the Expression of Interest Procedures. Once public bidding is authorized, we advise private companies on structuring financing and corporate and contractual arrangements to enable complex projects.

The firm was in charge of the most significant privatizations, concessions, and PPPs of the country. In the context of recent sporting events, for example, besides our activities in the projects of stadiums, football arenas, and the Olympic venues, we led the urban renewal project of the oldest port area in Rio de Janeiro.

Our consulting services with respect to public and regulatory law may involve different legal practices in the firm, such as:

  • Project financing
  • Joint Ventures
  • Corporate law
  • Negotiation and drafting of complex contracts
  • Tax consulting
  • Regulatory consulting
  • Advice on insurance
  • Administrative litigation
  • Crisis management