Business models emerge every day, influenced by global competitiveness demands and new human resource management experiences that change employment relationships completely. These changes collide with old and complex labor laws, affected by judicial precedents that may generate uncertainty in the management of business. In this scenario, companies need to know how to manage and mitigate risks to remain competitive.

Machado Meyer helps clients to meet this challenge with a strategic approach that takes into account the impact of different regulations on routine business. Our focus is to find solutions that help companies modernize, become more competitive, and overcome legal complexity.

We provide guidance on all aspects of the law for organizations of different sizes and industries. We seek to keep them always up to date on changes in labor laws and the rules that may affect labor relations.

The legal advice provided by Machado Meyer also takes into account trends, positioning, and form of operation of officials of the Ministry of Labor, the Public Prosecutor's Office for Labor Affairs, and trade unions, so that our clients may have a comprehensive and updated view on all aspects of the particular situation and thus have the elements necessary for decision making.

We maintain a significant presence in crisis prevention and management, in cases involving regulatory inspections, investigations of employees and executives in various contexts, as well as layoffs.

Always aiming at presenting solutions and alternatives for resolution of conflicts with the least possible impact on the business of our clients, our services include:

  • Risk assessment involved in each particular situation.
  • Advice on negotiations and litigation.
  • Guidance or participation in crisis committees.

To deliver perfectly adapted solutions to our clients, our team of professionals interacts with the firm’s other legal practice areas, in particular, corporate, tax, regulatory, compliance, and litigation.

Our services also include:

  • Preventive legal advice for Human Resources departments. We prepare and analyze employment contracts, including for hiring foreigners, and assist in formatting or harmonizing benefit packages and short- and long-term variable remuneration, including incentive plans linked to equity incentive plans.
  • Analysis of Environmental Risks Prevention Programs (PPRA) and Medical Control and Occupational Health Programs (PCMSO) to assess their suitability under current legislation (Regulatory Standards - NRs).
  • Representation of individuals and legal entities in judicial and administrative proceedings related to the application of labor and social security standards. In particular, we work actively in representing our clients in lawsuits filed by executives as well as in complex and strategic cases, whether due to the matter under dispute, the amount involved, litigants, or potential impact.
  • Representation of companies and unions in collective bargaining and negotiation of collective bargaining agreements.
  • Preparation of studies and advice on labor and social security issues, including pension plans.
  • Advice and assistance regarding outsourcing processes.
  • Support in union and collective bargaining negotiations, participating in roundtables and conciliation committees, drafting collective agreements and conventions, and advice on union meetings.

Your strategy in people management and the service infrastructure of internal demands need to be efficient and safe. Our professionals can help you interpret complex labor laws to manage risks and crises and to adopt appropriate practices based on the highest ethical and legal standards.