Debt restructuring and bankruptcy protection in Brazil has grown in number and complexity in recent years. The success of these operations require fast, efficient and creative responses to the difficulties of each company and to meet the needs of everyone involved. Solutions must combine proactivity, strategic vision and risk mitigation, and conciliate the different interests at stake.

With one of the most traditional restructuring and insolvency practices in Brazil, Machado Meyer mainly acts in defending the interests of creditors and investors, exploring alternatives for settlements and maximizing opportunities.

With experience in coordinating complex projects, our professionals combine the knowledge accrued in many different areas, such as banking and financial transactions, structured finance, debt restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and insolvency proceedings. This gives us a clear and accurate view of the needs of each client and also helps us to anticipate problems that may arise during the process.

We provide advice to:

  • Lenders, investors, and borrowers in restructuring debt and extrajudicial reorganization.
  • Creditors in recovering credits from companies in judicial and extrajudicial reorganization, bankruptcy, intervention and extrajudicial liquidation.
  • Domestic and foreign investors, hedge funds, private equity funds and investment banks looking for opportunities.
  • Entities involved in restructuring and insolvency procedures, as fiduciary agents, trustees, escrow agents, collateral agents and court-designated trustees.

Our work includes:

  • Debt restructuring, bilaterally or in syndicated deals (structuring, negotiation, and implementation).
  • Representation of creditors or a group of creditors, in committees and meetings. Several legal measures to preserve credit and enforce guarantees.
  • Qualification and recovery of credits in judicial or extrajudicial reorganization, bankruptcy and execution proceedings.
  • Acquisition or sale of assets, shares, credits, productive branches or units segregated from companies in financial hardship, judicial reorganization or bankruptcy, as well as assessment of the relevant legal risks.
  • Plans for judicial or extrajudicial reorganization, with the definition of the procedural strategy.
  • Due diligence and corporate restructuring of companies in financial hardship.
  • Fund-raising transactions, whether or not backed by assets, in Brazil or abroad, to finance the activities of companies in financial difficulty.

We participate actively in the main and most innovative debt restructuring transactions in the country and represent creditors in virtually every major judicial reorganization case in Brazil.