Andrea Soubihe, Gabriela Caetano and Guilherme Alcântara Nunes

The National Institute of Colonization and Agrarian Reform (INCRA) released on July 18 the issuance of the Certificate of Registration of Rural Property (CCIR) for the financial year 2022 for owners and possessors of rural properties. The document is available on the electronic platform of the National Rural Registration System (SNCR).

The CCIR is the national register of rural properties, updated annually. It contains key information of registration of the property (such as total area, location, type of operation, land classification, registration number and the competent property registry).

The presentation of the CCIR is mandatory for the performance of annotation and registration acts before Notary Offices and Real Estate Registry Offices, such as the sale, dismemberment, mortgage and lease of the area. The document is also necessary for obtaining agricultural credit from banks and financial institutions.

The issuance of the CCIR takes place exclusively by electronic means, on the SNCR website or in the SNCR Mobile app, available for Android and iOS. The issue will oblige the owner of the property to pay the Cadastral Service Fee, defined according to the area of the property. Payment must be made by August 16, under penalty of payment of fine and interest, in addition to the incidence of monetary correction.