Enacted by CAMEX Executive Management Committee (Gecex) at the end of last year, Resolution n. 291/21 extended the term of the Ex-tariffs listed in Section 1st of that document to April 30, 2022. The same Resolution authorized the Secretariat for The Development of Industry, Trade, Services and Innovation, of the Special Secretariat of Productivity and Competitiveness, of the Ministry of Economy to set forth a simplified proceeding for additional extension of the deadline, extending the term to December 31, 2025.

Those interested in requesting such additional extension shall present their manifestation by February 28, 2022. Within the same period, representatives of the national industry may also present a manifestation against the extension of the regime.

The Ex-tariff regime allows the temporary reduction of the Import Duty rate to up to 0% for capital goods (BK) and IT and telecommunications goods (BIT), in cases in which there is no similar in national industry.

This regime is relevant because it contributes to increase innovation and the use of new technologies in Brazil, enabling advances in various sectors of the economy.

The Ex-tariff regime directly impacts the cost of projects and the cash flow of companies, since the Import Duty is not recoverable and is included in the taxable basis of other customs taxes, such as IPI and ICMS.

It is important to highlight that the Ex-tariffs to which the additional extension of the term until February 28 is not requested will be revoked, requiring the submission of a new claim subject to the entire regular process of analysis and approval.