The Judiciary, although not in a uniform manner, has formalized some guidelines for confronting the coronavirus pandemic. Some courts have suspended attendance to the public, hearings, in-person trial sessions, except for urgent measures and the possibility of the performance of acts by electronic means.

The procedural deadlines have been suspended in some courts, but there is still no uniformity of measures. Some have thus far adopted no suspension measures, others have formalized suspension for 14 days, extendable, others are still suspending the deadlines until March 30, and there are some who have established suspension measures for 30 days. The Federal Supreme Court (STF), for example, has not issued acts suspending deadlines and has thus far maintained in-person trials, with restricted access.

It is essential to monitor the acts issued by each court and the information that is being updated almost daily.

The following is a list of some of the rules promulgated thus far:



Period for suspension

Suspension start date


Resolution No. 663, of March 12, 2020

There is no act suspending deadlines, in-person trials are maintained, with restricted access to the Court.


STJ/GP Resolution No. 4, of March 16, 2020

There is no act suspending deadlines, suspension of in-person trial sessions until March 27.


PRESI Resolution - 9953729

March 17 to April 2 - only nonelectronic cases



Resolution No. TRF2-RSP-2020/00010

March 16 to 29



Joint PRES/CORE Ordinance No. 2, of March 16, 2020

30 days

March 17


There is no act suspending deadlines


There is no act suspending deadlines


Instruction No. 2452/2020

30 days

March 16


Joint TJ/CGJ normative act No. 05/2020

March 17 to 31