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Bill 4,188 (guarantees) and infrastructure financing
Proposal brings advances and can contribute to improvement and greater availability of guarantees in various sectors.
Technological number code, with several repetitions of the numbers 0 and 1. In between them, a strong light reflects the shape of an airplane taking off
By facilitating the adaptation of standards to activities developed by regulated entities, the testing environment favors the creation of innovative projects.
Illustrative image. Power connections between homes, with the color blue highlighted
Ministry of Mines and Energy opens public consultation to discuss new rules.
The changes promoted by Decree 11,498/23
New norm expands the list of sectors that may have investment in priority projects and impacts the issuance of incentivized debentures.
The CFEM and the collection of PIS and Cofins
Can the Financial Compensation for Mineral Exploitation be excluded from the calculation basis of these taxes?
New arbitration convention of CCEE
Text approved by Aneel seeks to modernize the resolution of disputes through arbitration in the electricity sector.
New legislation changes the nuclear ore sector
Standard authorizes liens on research permits and changes rules about the exploration of nuclear ores.
Potential and challenges of the biogas sector
The conditions for biogas and biomethane production in the country are favorable, but the sector needs to strengthen its legal and regulatory framework.
Impacts of the ANP's change in regulations on RD&I
Change represents recognition and encouragement for renewable energy, energy transition, and decarbonization projects in Brazil.
Flexibilization on nuclear projects oportunities
Provisional Measure 1.133/22 allows INB to enter into partnerships with private companies.
Stricter penalties and fines in the mining sector
The revised administrative infractions and fines set out by the Mining Code came into effect last August resulting in penalties and fines that could reach R$ 1 billion.
On the modernization of the electricity sector and expansion of the Free Energy Market
Bill 414/21 is an important step towards a more competitive and inclusive energy sector
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